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Our company, Greenhouse 2000, Inc., was formed in Orlando, Florida, with a mission of developing a prototype alternative fuel vehicle that provides advanced efficiency and incorporates green manufacturing technology. Our products include a solar-powered vehicle and a solar-charging trailer that each use photovoltaic cells to charge an electric battery pack. In addition the vehicle has bi-directional charging capability meaning, at an electric vehicle charging station or your home’s circuit breaker box, power is reversed and credited as in a grid-connected solar system after the batteries are charged.

We will utilize aluminum and ultimately nanostructure, advanced power and motor drive technologies which, in unison, will result in the production of strong, lightweight AF (alternative fuel) vehicles at a cost ($25,000) that is competitive with gasoline vehicles.

Solar vehicles will become a more effective energy producer than other alternatives by accumulating and storing the free, renewable energy they receive when not in use. Hybrid plug-in vehicles merely purchase power. Our solar vehicles make use of the steady stream of photons providing 100% renewable power, not only from a home-based connection, but also on the road. This is a much better alternative to building more extensive infrastructure for other types of heavier vehicles that merely use energy.

We intend to sell and lease silent solar-power trailers (SST's) to generate immediate cash flow while CAD engineers finalize the design of two vehicles for our initial manufacturing run within one year. Our prototype vehicle is street-legal, having been licensed in the state of Florida since 2003, and is capable of indefinitely maintaining a speed of 40 mph during daylight and attaining speeds of up to 85 mph anytime. We are working with both the 3 and 4 wheel vehicle options and plan on offering both beginning with a small availability of vehicles available in the 2013 year. Standard solar panels will be replaced with more efficient solar cells and will be laminated and installed on the current vehicle and/or designed for the next two production-quality vehicles. Continual improvements in the design and efficiency of our vehicle should help our company remain agile and well-positioned in the International market.


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Solar Cars benefit all of humanity. Today's gas powered cars are heavy and require too much energy to move around. Solar Cars do not contribute to pollution and are effective for long distances.

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